How to build a successful online business
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How to build a successful online business

Recently I was speaking with successful entrepreneurs who pointed out that building an online business is an important personal development exercise. And they are absolutely right. I think the lessons I've learned from my online business-building endeavors are more valuable than any I've learned in my life. Creating a business test you in many ways: self-discipline, intelligence, effective communication skills, focus, ..etc. If you have a weakness in any of these aspects, this will reflect on your business negatively.

The real world of business - off the internet - is usually unforgiving. Success is rewarded. Mistakes are punished.. The benefit here is that it always makes you honest.. You can't succumb to weakness, laziness, and bad ideas, or else your whole business will fail. There is a huge gap between an idea that looks good and one that works in real-world conditions. Anyone can come up with good ideas, but most people can't implement those ideas.

Some people can't handle the stress of launching their own businesses and starting their own companies, so they worry too much about the risk of failure. Despite this, they are looking at the scene from the wrong angle. Danger itself is the focus of discussion for us now, it is the danger that makes you grow.. it is the one that makes you stronger.. the entrepreneur who fears danger is exactly like a weightlifting champion who is afraid to carry some dumbbells.

There have been times when I have had difficult problems, like having bills due and not having the money to pay them. It was problems like this that made me go deeper into myself. My work has forced me to develop myself to be the person who can face such problems and solve them with dignity. I learned to trust myself to work hard, to stay focused under pressure, and to enjoy the process.

We all have different levels of risk tolerance. You don't need to stress yourself too much to grow and succeed. You just need to challenge yourself in a way that motivates you. Lifting weights is a heavy and stressful process for your muscles to reshape and strengthen those muscles, but this happens as long as you can lift these weights successfully. After that, you may feel exhausted or your strength may be a little lost, but you also develop those muscles over time, which is practical experience here. If you only do what seems easy to you to do, you will still atrophy, and your life will become more boring and absurd.

Why business on the Internet specifically?

In the age of the internet, I believe that almost everyone should have an online business..even if it's just for the sake of growing experience. Starting one of these businesses does not cost much, but it will teach you a lot. Perhaps the greatest benefit is that you will learn to make something of value to share with the world, something that may bring you lasting income for the rest of your life.

One way or another, I'm jealous of those teens and twenties, who are now in our midst, turning into Internet idiots. Any of them can start their online business and move forward until they have financial independence at a young age. I wish I could do this when I was in high school or beginning college. It's really great for someone to become a millionaire at such a young age, but I think the real success stories are those that come from those who have found a way to make a few thousand dollars each month enough to make ends meet.

Building and converting visitors

Building a business online is tricky.. Look at my site for example. The structuring of my site is not very complicated. But it consistently generates me a 5-figure monthly income. Anyone can do that, right?

The key to building a successful online business is building traffic and converting it to customers. The main element in building a successful online business is building traffic and converting it to customers. If you cannot build a sufficient flow of visitors, you will not be able to convert a high percentage of customers and therefore you will not be able to generate a large income. Unfortunately, most people are bad at building traffic. They apply the wrong strategies that don't work, and they usually quit within a few months of starting.

Traffic building is not an easy process for most people. However, this problem is not unique to the Internet. You see it in every field of business on the Internet. Some writers sell millions of books, while the average book doesn't sell even 5,000 copies. Lots of people can write a book, but relatively few can sell a book. Lots of people can create a website or blog these days, but few know how to attract large numbers of visitors.

If you can successfully build huge amounts of traffic, you will be able to achieve the desired income from this traffic to some extent. And also you have the time to find out. If you can increase the volume of your traffic, you can maintain this traffic, and this gives you time to be able to benefit from it and make a suitable income from it.

In the past, I've written articles trying to teach people how to build successful online businesses, including how to make money from your blog, and how to build a high-traffic site. These were long, detailed articles, and they were all very popular in the blogosphere. I didn't ask for any money for this content, it was all for free, and those articles inspired many people (hundreds I know) to passionately start their own websites. Some of those people are doing well so far, but unfortunately, most of them have failed miserably.

Why do most people fail to build a business?

Why do most people fail? I think the main reason is the nature of the whole process, by which I mean the process of creating an online business, it seems a lot complicated to most people. There are a lot of things that encourage failure in this process. It hurt me so much to visit some of those sites and notice dozens of glaring mistakes from the first seconds I'm on them. Take some of these examples:

  • Blogs do not enable the Permalinks feature, which allows the name of the post to be in the link.
  • Absence of keywords from the headlines.
  • Bad choice of topics.
  • Page titles still use the default WordPress format.
  • Layouts for placing ads are suboptimal.
  • Hide or lose connection data.
  • Not using email handling techniques such as box marketing correctly

and many, many more.

Any one of the above errors can paralyze your site's results. More than one is considered an actual site execution. Errors like this can cause problems for both human visitors and search engines.

But at the same time, there are a lot of teens who are doing well, making a 4-figure monthly income after working on their sites for about 6-12 months. Not everything had to have worked well with them from the start, but they were shrewd enough to solve big problems early on.

What bothered me the most were those people who failed so often because of technology. Many of them have great ideas and very good content. It's a real shame to read some of their articles, and I think to myself: These are really great articles.. it's really bad that no one will ever see them.

The cruel and unfair aspect of any online business is that if you are not savvy enough to deal with the obstacles of the Internet, you will make many mistakes on the technical side, which you are completely oblivious to. You may be doing the content aspect right, but the absence of the technical aspect will kill you and paralyze the results that are supposed to happen.

In one of my previous articles on how to monetize your blog, I correctly defined this problem and suggested that 99 out of 100 people might fail because of it. But it remains a totally unfair position. There are people who can write great content that really deserves to be read by a lot of readers, but because they don't understand how to set up Permalinks, RSS Feeds, Pinging, how to convert visitors into customers, and how to deal with some other technologies, like landing pages, they understand They are already drowning before they start.

As soon as I saw this happen, I made a firm decision, I decided that it was better than just telling people how to make a successful internet business and how to avoid technical obstacles that I provide them with these solutions myself and make the process of launching a business online much easier than before. This is where the idea of ​​Digital Business came from.

By : Joseph
I'm Joe, 23 Egyptian Dental Technician and blogger, Business owner, business consultant, Travelling is one of my Fav Vibes

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