How To Start affiliate marketing strategy | For Beginners | How People Make $75,000/Month With Free Traffic
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How To Start affiliate marketing strategy | For Beginners | How People Make $75,000/Month With Free Traffic

This business model is literally for everyone since you don't need a website for this,

you don't need to create a product, you don't need any money to start and it gives you flexible time and location so you can work on this business whenever you want to and from wherever you want so with all of that being said affiliate marketing is literally the easiest way that you can start to make money online with no previous experience. 

My name is Joseph and in this article, I will tell you how to make money with affiliate marketing strategy as a complete beginner in 2022 using only free traffic.

let us begin with a full step-by-step tutorial

now let's talk about what affiliate marketing actually is!

Affiliate marketing means being paid flat commission whenever you influence a sale

on a certain website so for example:

Some company is selling dog training for 1000 each and they are giving 500 commission on every sale now you would grab an affiliate link you would find people who would need dog training maybe some dog owners and whenever someone buys that dog training through

your link you will earn 500 profit, in this case, makes it perfect for beginners since you don't need to create your own website, you don't need to, create a sales page, you don't need to create your own product or service then deliver that product or service, you don't need to do customer support and all that hard and boring stuff but all you have to do is share your affiliate link with other people and make money whenever someone buys through your link

now before we get through how I actually make over three thousand dollars a day in passive income with affiliate marketing let's talk about step number one. 

Step Number One of affiliate marketing strategy

which is choosing the right affiliate offer you see when it comes to picking the right offer for affiliate marketing a lot of people would give you advice that you should go with something that you are passionate about which I honestly think is stupid and it doesn't work because there are obviously some niches that get better results and more sales and there are also some niches that make a lot less money so you could be passionate about art but if there is no good affiliate program or a good affiliate marketing strategy  related to art or you can't find someone to buy some affiliate program in the art niche it's hard to sell then it would be dumb to go with something that you're passionate about so instead here are a couple of affiliate marketing niches that are actually hot and produce amazing results, especially at this moment 

niche number one is lifestyle niche this is everything related to travel luxury jewelry and fashion niche

number two is the finance niche which is everything related to stock investing

and money 

number three is the tech niche which is everything related to web hosting and software 

number four is the cooking niche this is everything related to cooking and food and now 

we also have the niche of crypto NFTs and everything around meadowers.

once you choose your niche out of these five hot niches that I just gave you you will proceed to step number two 

step number two of affiliate marketing strategy

To pick the right affiliate offer and in order to pick the right affiliate offer you can either choose some affiliate networks from affiliate marketplace like 

or you can just go to google search for your niche plus just add a filler program keyword but if you decide if you promote some offer in the tech niche so you've decided to go with effect niche and you want to promote some software as a service then you can go to and go to their marketplace and once you come over to the site explore the marketplace and that's going to show you different Staffs that you can promote as an affiliate for example 


A Guy is gonna pay you fifty dollars for every new customer this one is gonna pay you an average of 12$ commission per deal and  this one is going to pay you 25$ commission

this one is going to pay you 30% commission and the other one 20% up to 500$  per referral and much much more so as you can see all these different

offers will pay you different amounts of money you will just select some category from the left-hand side select some niche for example social media and use Facebook affiliate marketing strategies and then let's say you want to promote this offer or learn more about the offer you're just going to click on it and that's mostly going to show you some details about their affiliate program, in this case, you can learn that they will pay you either with PayPal or stripe but if none of those are available in your country they do have alternative methods as well 

in order to grab your affiliate link all you got to do is press apply to program and then sign up as an affiliate if you on the other side want to choose some different niche then you can also

go to and then just click start now it's free if you sign up and then you can create an account in less than 60 seconds once you create an account here on the left-hand side you're going to be able to choose from different categories and niches 

then you will just select the category that you want to focus on find the product that you want to promote and just press promote now

once you view that they will generate an entire affiliate link for you that you can copy with one click of a button now since your affiliate link will most likely look messy and long 

If you want to make it a little bit more appealing and clickable to do that you can just go to beatley or 

Step number three of affiliate marketing strategy

 getting free traffic for your affiliate link so you can finally make money with affiliate marketing you see when you ask someone about how you should actually promote your affiliate links 99 of the people with a value that you should run Facebook ads google ads or any other paid traffic and you should spend thousands of dollars on that paid traffic and I honestly think that is stupid because there are a lot better ways to drive traffic for free and make a lot more money so instead of wasting money on paid ads, I'm going to show you how to get free traffic and earn a lot more so.

the number one free traffic that i personally use my faceless youtube automation channels this basically means that around the youtube channels where I'm not showing my face and I'm not filming any video some of the examples of youtube, automation channels would be the richest where they talk about luxury and money and according to SocialBlade they are getting 4 million views every single month and they are also making over 17 000 a month in another revenue like a cherry on the top so you see the beauty of youtube is that not only can you drive free traffic from youtube itself but then youtube will also pay you at the end of the month depending on how many views do you get so instead of you spending money on the traffic you're actually being paid to drive traffic for your affiliate links.

*Soon I will provide a Full Guideline To Help you start an automation Channel*

here's another example that's a lot easier to replicate than the riches they're basically reposting someone else's tik tok videos and they're pulling hundreds of millions of views and then since youtube shorts don't have their description box they are promoting different things through their community is fab and they're making anywhere from 500 to 1 000 every single day and you can see that they actually got started one year ago so in a few months, they went from having zero dollars to making over five hundred dollars every single day and if you want to use the same traffic source as them then just complete the following steps first of all go to fake thought and find some cool videos copy the video link 

go to paste that Tik Tok link in this box and download a video with one click of a button now just re-upload if you're a new channel and credit the owner of the video either in the title or the description box since this entire process takes no more than a single minute you can repeat this action and get at least five different videos re-uploaded every single day the more you do it the higher chances of some of those videos or if you go viral you get a lot of views which you can then convert them to affiliate commission

step number Four is to finally start the affiliate marketing strategy

promoting your affiliate link to promote your affiliate link on your new youtube automation channel all you have to do is create a community post with a call to action and your affiliate link included and honestly, this method that I just showed is fairly easy and simple but it's not as effective as if you had a normal youtube automation channel because if you're just re-uploading some random content it's gonna be hard if you attract targeted people who would be interested in buying a specific product but if you post targeted content let's say you make videos about luxury watches and then in one of those videos you promote luxury watches with an affiliate link then there is a high chance that a lot of people will actually click that link and purchase some of those watches so you can make money with affiliate marketing and that's actually exactly how I'm personally promoting my affiliate links with my youtube automation channel. 

once again I'm not showing my face in any of those videos and I'm not filming anything

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