Drop Servicing Complete Tutorial For Beginners (better than affiliate marketing?)
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Drop Servicing Complete Tutorial For Beginners (better than affiliate marketing?)

 hey guys Joseph here in this article I'm going to be showing you how to make your first thousand dollars with Fiverr drop servicing so as you know I talk a lot about affiliate marketing on this Blog but what if instead of promoting digital products software we can promote freelance services online instead 

drop Servicing Explanation 

now to explain what drop Servicing is its kind of like being an online contractor for example

I'm getting my backyard done at my house right now and the company I hired to do my backyard uh let's say he's charging me around thirty thousand dollars now what's gonna happen is that company is gonna take that thirty thousand dollar and they're gonna hire um people to do my grass people to do my rocks people do my sprinklers my fire pit and let's say that contractor I hired he's gonna outsource all that work for around twenty thousand dollars he's charging me thirty and he's keeping the ten thousand dollars profit in between that's

all drop servicing is except doing this with online freelance services and I'm telling you what guys there are a ton of services that you can do this, for now, a lot of people are talking about this method right now 

so I want to see if this works 

so I just tried this exact method out that I'm going to be showing you in this video just yesterday and I made 50 within my first 20 minutes of doing this so that being said I'm going to walk you through this entire process and show you exactly step by step 

How to start drop Servicing

how to go out there and make your first thousand dollars doing this business model, okay so the first thing you're going to want to do is you want to pick a service that you want to start marketing so what you're going to do is you're going to go on a website called fiverr.com and you're going to check out all the different services that you could potentially promote so for example

the first category we have here is graphic design as you can see there are all kinds of different services here there's logo design there are graphics for streamers there's a tattoo design book design jewelry design all kinds of different things if we go to digital marketing there's social media marketing you can sell local SEO to local businesses and again all we're doing is we're selling the service they're sending us the payment and we're outsourcing the work on Fiverr so you kind of have to think of it as Fiverr as your employee so you have a service you have a business that you're selling and instead of you doing the work because just like any other business most CEOs don't know they don't do the service they don't do the work they hire employees right so that's kind of

how we got to think of Fiverr and anyways you're just going to pick a service that you want to do this for so there's also like writing and translations so we can go find a group of people who need books edited and we can sell this service to them so anyways for this specific method 

like I said I tried out yesterday um I made 50 within like 20 minutes of doing this I'm going to walk you through the exact process so for that actual method, I picked the tattoo design service that's the service that I started marketing so I thought this is a pretty unique service so if we look on here as you can see all kinds of different sellers will do tattoo designs for you so, for example, this guy has 4.9 stars 552 reviews he starts at 25 this guy does it for 30. uh if we go down here as you can see this girl does it for 15 and she has 63 views with 4.9 stars so I went with this girl uh for this because she has like one of the lowest prices and she still has almost five-star reviews so again if I charge let's say 50 for this and then I'm outsourcing for 15. 

every time I make a sale I'm making 35 profit in between so once you actually pick a service that you kind of want to start building a brand around and start doing this with now the next thing you're gonna do is you're gonna go on Facebook so I think Facebook is one of the best ways to do this because like I said I'm gonna be showing you a completely free way of doing this

 so you don't need any money for ads so literally, all I did to make money with this is I went on Facebook right I went on the search bar and I literally just typed in the tattoo so for whatever service you're doing just type in that service into the search bar and then you're going to go over to groups right here and as you can see there are all kinds of groups around tattoo ideas tattoo lovers right tattoo design 70 000 members so I joined two of these groups and for example, this one has 302 000 members 

so I'm just going to come in here as you can see there are all kinds of people just kind of posting about their you know to show me your back tats and what you'll find is a lot of people in here are looking for ideas so what I decided to do was just make a simple post in this group so if I actually search my name so I'm just going to search chad bartlett as you can see I posted this yesterday at 11 29 in the tattoo lovers group and I basically just said got some free time today who wants a custom tattoo design as you can see there are 34 comments so there's actually 34 people interested in getting tattoo designs from me 

so as you can see uh the first guy adam commented I would and basically I just private message him so if we go to the messages as we can see I said hey adam I noticed you were interested in the tattoo design what are you looking to get because again a lot of these people are just looking for ideas they know they want a tattoo maybe they want something that represents freedom so they want some type of symbol or some type of design or art that represents freedom or represents their dog dying or whatever it is so anyways um adam didn't reply so the second guy that commented in I reach out to him and if we go to the messages

right here and as you can see i just said the same exact message to glenn i bsaid hey glenn i know you're interested in the tattoo design what are you looking to get bhe said i'm not really sure what to get i don't have a specific style but i want a norse style sleeve on my left arm so i didn't actually know what that is so i bwent and googled north style sleeve tobkind of see what he's talking about learned a little bit about tattoos i said right on man did you want it to mean anything to you because a lot of people get tattoos because they wanted to symbolize something exactly he said not really i just like the north style i said okay well i can start drawing one up for you and then he said uh maybe you can put in the flag of norway right so i was like all right that's perfect so basically he just won the flag of norway inside of his sleeve tattoo and when he said he wanted something custom in the tattoo design this is where i started transitioning into the sale i said yeah i can definitely do that and i said are you cool with a 50 donation for my time since it's a whole sleep so anyways he said yeah i can definitely do that man

How to Recieve payments

where do i send the payment and then i just sent over my paypal email and boom he just sent over the payment as you can see on the screen right here and that's literally all i did to make that fifty dollars is i put a simple post like this inside the group that my service was around and i got all kinds of people interested now obviously if we go back to the the service that we're going to use for this as you can see it's 15 so he paid me 50 for the tattoo design i'm going to outsource it for 15 and i get to keep the 35 dollar profit in between if i do this for three people per day i can make around 100 per day doing this and that will add up to around 3000 per month and again guys this is literally the second person that i reach out to to do this for i reach out to a few more people so i guarantee you just from this post alone i can get at least five to ten people to actually send me over the payment uh because again i only reac out to five and i already got one perso to send me over the payment now if i really wanted to go hard with this business model and really scale this up

Strategies That Help in Drop Servicing

another thing I would do once I make around a thousand dollars from doing this or so is I would actually go into this tattoo lovers group or a few of these different tattoo groups or whatever service you're doing and you can go to this people tab right here

and as you can see this guy right here says admin which means he owns this group so what I could do is I could reach out to this guy and I could be like hey man I like your group uh would you be interested in selling it so I did this a couple of years ago I bought a woodworking facebook group for around twelve hundred dollars and the group had around two hundred thousand members in it so a lot of these groups like this admin he probably isn't making any money from this group so a lot of times you can get a group like this for under a thousand dollars so I'd reach out to a few of these admins and see if you can

get a good deal and once you buy a group like this you actually own it so when you put a post out as I did now you're the admin you have more credibility you can put a pinned post on the group for your services and start to get a lot more sales when you own a group like

this but again for those quick termmethods you can put out a post like idid to start making sales super quicklyokay so now that you know how to do themarketing you know how to collect thepayments you know how to make money fromthis business model all you need to donow is to actually fulfill the order soi'm actually just going to do this rightnow since i have to fulfill anyways forthe guy that sent me over that 50payment so anyways i'm gonna order fromthis girl right here she sells it for 15and i'm going to keep the 35 profit inbetween so i'm just going to presscontinue right here and actually orderthe package so there's actually an extrafast one-day delivery for five dollarsso i could actually upsell this to themif i wanted to but for the sake of thisvideo let's go ahead and order thisokay so as you can see after you makethe purchase it's gonna ask you for afew questions so it says please tell mein detail what kind of image or drawingyou want along with the references soobviously this girl she wants you knowsome information about what kind oftattoo we want design so i'm gonnago get the information from that guy whosent me over the payment and put it inhere sobasically he said he doesn't have aspecific style but i want a north stylesleeve my left arm with the norway flaginside of it because remember he did say

that to us so that's basically it um that's basically all he wanted so I'm just going to send over that I'm going to check this box and I'm going to go ahead and start the order now as you see guys during this video I just had another person reach out to me saying I want to get pictures of my child as a baby done on my back with wings so I'll start working on this client as well too after this video 

so anyways guys that's how you make your first thousand dollars with five or drop servicing you find a service you want to promote you go inside facebook groups around that and you get those people to buy those services for markup for anyone interested in that service 

so anyways guys go try this out for yourself go make some money and if you guys want me to do a zero to thousand dollar challenge where I actually make a thousand dollars in profit using this exact strategy that I showed you today just comment and drop servicing down below uh maybe I'll do a whole entire challenge in case study around that in a future youtube video of mine 

so if you guys do want to see that like I said just comment drop surfacing down below and subscribe to the channel if you're new if you want to see that video so anyways guys I hope you did enjoy this video if you did just drop a like so I can make more videos like these and with that being said guys thank you so much for watching and as always I hope you guys have a great rest your day and I will see you in my next Article 

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By : Joseph
I'm Joe, 23 Egyptian Dental Technician and blogger, Business owner, business consultant, Travelling is one of my Fav Vibes

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