Successful mailing: 5 mistakes to avoid for your mailings
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Successful mailing: 5 mistakes to avoid for your mailings

 Most Internet users check their main mailbox at least once a day. This makes e-mail a very suitable channel for informing. But for that, you have to know how to do it. Indeed, it must be said that given that consumers sometimes receive a lot of spam, access providers have implemented tools against spam.

Don't write to the wrong target

It is not because you have recovered a list of emails that you must necessarily use them all. Indeed, if you do not know the people to whom you are writing and they do not know you, it is useless.

If you do it anyway, chances are high that you will get bad open rates. But that's not all. You will also get a high spamming rate and even worse, you will degrade your e-reputation for your real mailings.

Do not write to a wrong address

Even if you have collected the email addresses you have yourself, it is quite possible that several are not valid. Some have surely been deleted, others full, and still others simply false. Your mailing will therefore never reach these people and the e-reputation of your emails will be damaged.

To avoid this, there are email verification tools called a mail tester, which you can use to check the validity of your addresses. That way, you'll know exactly which ones are bad and remove them from your mailing list.

Don't send your mailing to too many people in too short a time

Wanting to spread your message to as many people as possible is a mistake. This is the best way to make them land in spam. If you want to run a profitable and productive operation, you need to target your recipients by sending your message to only part of your database. You can also send different messages depending on the categories of prospects or customers you want to reach.

You will get a more open rate by better targeting your messages. Also, avoid sending messages too regularly. Choose longer or shorter time intervals. So you won't get boring.

Avoid solicitation

Know how to create links with your Internet users if you want to best attract their attention. It is better to send several emails to your target over time, to inform them about the subjects that interest them and show that you are familiar with them.

It is after this that you can start sending him promotional or 100% commercial emails.

Don't bomb your target

This is similar to leaving time between two mailing campaigns. But this time, it's a question of avoiding sending too many emails, soliciting too many Internet users, at the risk of tiring them out and pushing them to unsubscribe.

To succeed in your communication, you must send your emails regularly, but not over-send them.


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